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The Firm BDINST, S. L., is a company having its address in Convento Santa Clara 10,2,3 Valencia 46002( Spain),  registered in the Mercantile Register in the Province of Valencia (volume 5704, chapter 58, page V-52445). Tax Code B96605076.

General Conditions


1.-The access and use of the web site of the firm BDINST, S. L is governed by the present general conditions. To this effect the web site is understood to be not only the web pages but also the information, contents and services that are placed at the disposal of those who access the site. The access to the web site of the  firm BDINST, S. L implies accepting the actual general conditions. Should a particular content (see graphic information) or service (see graphic related links) establish specific conditions, those will prevail over the actual general conditions

2.-The contents of the web site cannot be considered an offer of services or a contract proposal to those who access the same, in the same way neither must its contents be considered legal advice or information to be used in making decisions. The contents come from our own sources and other sources. The information provided in the website is aimed to be useful but for obvious reasion we cannto guarantee its usefulness, and thus, user should assume that he/she must not make decisions based on its contents without professional assessment

3.-The access to the web site, in all cases, is at the expense and risk of those who accede to the same. The access, in general, is free and freely available to all, except the pages or services that are reserved for clients, being in all cases at the expense of the visitor´s connection to the communication net. The firm BDINST, S. L cannot guarantee that the web site is virus free, therefore it assumes no responsibility for the existence or propagation of a virus.

4.-Those who intend to establish a system (hyperlink or other technique) of links with this website will have to receive written and express authorization for that purpose. The link, authorized or not, does not imply any relationship between those who establish the link and the firm BDINST, S. L. The authorization can be always cancelled
The firm BDINST, S. L., will not be held responsible for the information and services of the links on the web page, or for the inclusion of directories or search instruments, which only constitute a service and not a promotion of said contents, sites, searchers, directories with information, and the access to the same being the exclusive responsibility of the user
Spanish law applies to the actual present conditions. Spanish jurisdiction is the only competent jurisdiction and the national competence corresponds to the Courts of the city of Valencia, understanding that those who access the site renounce to their own applicable jurisdiction and expressly submit to the aforementioned.

5.- Rights: Any third party that has provided BDINST, S. L with their personal data has the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose as regards their personal data. Said rights must be exercised in writing and received in the company headquarters of BDINST, S. L.